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Special service (back by popular demands) Only from September 1st to September 30th, 2006, we re-offer our entire VMDb MP3 library (53.90 Gb, 12,859 songs):


VMDB. The Veterinary Medical Database (VMDB) compiles patient encounter data from nearly all North American veterinary medical colleges.

Search - Vietnamese Music Database

Vietnamese Music Database is a greate resource for Vietnamese music lovers with thousands of songs, artist profiles, song lyrics, and more.

VMDB - Veterinary Medical Database

To see a list of abstracts and publications that have used VMDB data go to: Contact Information.

CERF Registry/Breeder Options Lookup - VMDB

You may search for a dog using one or a combination of these criteria: CERF # as printed on the certificate. Registration # as printed on the certificate.

VMDb — Veronica Mars Database - Mars Investigations: The (In ...

News: Show your support for a VM movie by contacting or joining the VM movie Facebook.

The VMDB Veterinary HL7 Library Project

The VMDB Veterinary HL7 Library Project. The VMDB Veterinary HL7 Project is an open-source project to provide a code library to support veterinary medical messaging ...

Overview - The VMDB Veterinary HL7 Library Project

Veterinary Medical Database (VMDB) Veterinary Network Connectivity Tools. These packages are designed to simplify the process of networking between veterinarians and ...

VMware Virtualization Software For HP ProLiant Servers - VMware ...

[2007-06-13 14:39:09.562 'ClientConnection' 2320 info] Connecting to \\ \pipe\vmware-ufad-p2v30-vmdb, use SSL: true [2007-06-13 14:39:09.578 'ClientConnection' 2320 ...


Package org.vmdb.hl7 Veterinary Medical Database (VMDB) Veterinary HL7 Messaging Library . See: Description

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