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Procrastination at its finest

Procrastination at its Finest...

"Someone once waved to me from the other side of the street. When he came over he said "Oh, I thought you were someone else." I then responded "I am."

Procrastination At Its Finest

In “Bros Before Hos”: The Guy Code, author Michael Kimmel talks about certain ways that society expects young men between the ages of 15 and 26 to act.

Procrastination at its finest, thanks to the Internet - Focus ...

In this age of technology, where everyone is equipped with laptops and wireless in the library it's easy to find channels for procrastination. But rather than ...

educationjourney: Procrastination at its Finest

I have plenty of things I should be doing right now, so guess what I've been working on? You got it, nothing I should be doing. Instead, I've been playing ...

Procrastination at its finest. - Lol Happens - Just Deal With It

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Oh You Pretty Things!: Procrastination at its Finest | Weddingbee

Rather than working on the unfinished wedding craft projects that have currently rendered my dining room table useless (seriously, it’s a disaster), I am

Procrastination At Its Finest - Pinterest / Home

Sara Mae This is pretty much the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Run bro indeed.

PLEASE SAVE ME From Boredom! (Procrastination At Its Finest) - YouTube

super short vlog I made instead of writing a paper that's due in less than 12 hours.

Funny poem : Procrastination (at its finest!) - Poems & Quotes

I have to finish my homework Before Im allowed to have fun But I've been sitting here for hours And still I am not done! All weekend All Day All night

Internet Procrastination at its absolute finest. This is you ...

I am interested on if anyone else has fallen into the work cycle I have recently. Work 14-16 hours a day, get a lot done the first couple days.

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