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Cabalsea online crafting

CabalSEA Online - Crafting

Forgotten Temple b1f Guide in CabalSEA Crafting: All you can do : Just buy a formula card in the Forgotten Temple b1f then buy a recipe in auction then after just ...

Item | Crafting Materials - Cabal Online -

Home to cabal online adventurers. ... Crafting Materials Ever since the researchers of the C.A. Transmute Theory realized that they could control a core's ...

Crafting Guide - CABAL Online - Community Forums

Before you start with crafting you should know a few things. First off, if you think ... so when you say You can choose one from the 5 different C.A.Transmuters ...

How you get started with crafting [written by Ninjitsuoka] - Cabal ...

Home to cabal online adventurers. ... From my old CB days ;) First off, you need to be Lvl 50. Then you get the map from the quest to warp to port lux.

Cabal Online Professional Crafting - YouTube

Game: Ogplanet's Cabal (Open Beta) User: PBnJamz Guild: Transcendent Sorry crappy quality! This is showing some npc abusing =)

Cabal online EU MARS - SEH crafting atempt - YouTube

I decided to try one seh craft, since i was level 9 on basic for a few months, hoping for luck to strike :D you can see the result

Craft Types - Cabal Online » Production System

Experience in Professional Craft and General Craft - C.A. Transmuter performs 3 different functions; Professional Craft, General Craft and Item Extraction.

Crafting - CABAL Online - Community Forums

Use this forum to discuss all matters surrounding crafting/upgrading on CABAL Online. Please post your useful guides and tips and share experiences

CABAL Online - ABOUT CABAL - Item - Crafting - Crafting Materials

Crafting Materials? Ever since the researchers of the C.A. Transmute Theory realized that they could control a core's inconsistent attributes by using yet another ...

Cabal Online Basic Crafting Guide

Here’s a very quick guide for basic crafting in Cabal Online. To be able to use the crafting skill. You must be CLASS 2 rank. If you’re not yet class 2, just ...

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